Celebrating National Day of Uganda

Celebrating National Day of Uganda

Uganda celebrates its Independence Day on 9th October every year, which commemorates the date when Uganda gained freedom in 1962. This day of national pride for Ugandans around the world was celebrated with zeal and fervor in 2018 in Kyoters district in the south of central region. Interestingly, every year Uganda celebrates this iconic national event with a thematic overtone; the theme this year is marked as ‘Standing Tall as we celebrate the achievements of our 56 years of independence’.

Parades and performances by renowned artists, demonstrations of native dances and cultural celebrations are a part of every Ugandan celebration of their national day. On this day, the Government of Uganda also awards national medals to its deserving people for recognition of their distinguished services.

In his address to his people, the President Yoweri Museveni boasted the economic growth of Uganda in the last fiscal year which was estimated at 6.1%. He puts forth a case of ‘commercial agriculture’ in the country and mentioned the projects his government has undertaken in the recent past.

A beautiful country, hailed by its President as a better tourist spot than Spain, has a lot to offer. A few worth visiting wonders of Uganda include the source of river Nile in Jinja, the enthralling Sipi Waterfall, the Equator line, the ecstatic tea plantations in Fort Portal, the astounding Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Ssese Islands with its golden land and sublime beaches sweeping the waters of Lake Victoria.

If you have a precarious soul peppered with adventuring, Uganda is the right place for you too. You can choose to walk with rhinos at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary, canoe at Lake Bunyonyi, submerge yourself in the majestic arrays of wild chimpanzee packs at Kibale National Park, go gorilla tracking safari through Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or you can stalk lions and elephants in Murchison Falls National park. In essence, no matter how long your itinerary is, there is something you will miss to visit in this phenomenal country.

To date, I cherish the months I spent in Uganda. Friendliest locals and expatriates from tons of nationalities around the world; mild summer climate throughout the year; breathtaking sceneries; diverse landscapes and awe-inspiring wildlife, Uganda is an ideal place to travel to.

We at CurrencyTube admire this ‘Pearl of Africa’ and wishes its warm people, abundant economic growth and prosperity and as our contribution, we offer the cheapest and fastest remittance services from UK to our Ugandan fellas!


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