Send money with confidence. CurrencyTube is 100% secure, regulated by the FCA and HRMC in the United Kingdom.

We offer instant transfers to your family or friends in most countries we cater.

Who We Are

We are an extremely customer focused and innovative payment institution. We help our customers move their funds, top up mobile phones and pay bills of their loved ones. Our latest financial technology ensures you do not pay excessive, bank-like, charges on your money transfers

Reasons to choose Currency Tube
Secure service regulated by FCA &HMRC
Transfer money using state of the art technology
Save on transfer fees & exchange rates
What is CurrencyTube
CurrencyTube is an online money transfer service that allows you to send money from United Kingdom to your family members and friends living in various countries of Africa and Asia. It is 100% secure, fast (most within 24 hours if not in real time), reliable and legal way to send money.
Is it safe and legal to use CurrencyTube
Yes, it is 100% secure. We are regulated by the FCA and HMRC in the United Kingdom. We use HTTPS SHA-256 bit encryption to protect all your money transfers and ensure that your all the communication with us is secure. We never misuse or sell your data and we have compliance staff who are monitoring transactions and are trained in figuring out any suspicious activity on your account.
What documents are needed for registration
Like opening a new bank account, you need a valid United Kingdom government issued photographic identification document (like driving license, passport, or biometric residence permit) and a recent bank statement or a utility bill to verify your current address. You will need to provide high quality photos or scans of the identification documents which clearly show your: Photo Full Name Date of Birth Signatures Identification document expiry date Document number In case of passport, full machine-readable zone Your name and date of birth should exactly match your CurrencyTube profile and the identification document photo or scan should not have any area covered or censored. In the following cases, we cannot accept your documents: if parts of the document are covered or censored if it is expired if the details do not match with your profile on CurrencyTube
How do I register for CurrencyTube
Once you have your identification and address verification documents available, you can register here quickly and freely. It only takes a few minutes to setup your account and get you going.
Do my beneficiaries have to have a CurrencyTube account
No, they can receive money direct into their bank account, cash over the counter and in their mobile wallet (country dependent).
What fees I will be charged
We charge low, flat structure, transparent fees for each transfer, and we always give you the breakdown of fee and transfer rate upfront. There are no hidden fees and we stick to our word given upfront before a transfer is made.
How do I contact CurrencyTube
You can email us at support@currencytube.com or dial our free number 0800 436383 (Mon-Fri 9.00am to 5.00pm).
Where can I send money to
You can: 1. Send money to Bangladesh 2. Send money to Botswana 3. Send money to Ghana 4. Send money to India 5. Send money to Indonesia 6. Send money to Kenya 7. Send money to Malawi 8. Send money to Malaysia 9. Send money to Mozambique 10. Send money to Nepal 11. Send money to Nigeria 12. Send money to Pakistan 13. Send money to Philippines 14. Send money to Rwanda 15. Send money to Sri Lanka 16. Send money to Uganda 17. Send money to United Arab Emirates 18. Send money to Zimbabwe
How long does the transfer take
We endeavour to move your money as promptly as possible; however, if the information provided about your beneficiary is incomplete or requires further information for security checks, it is likely to be delayed. We deal with banks during normal banking hours therefore if you make a transfer at night or over the weekend, the earliest we can move the money is the following weekday morning.
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